Mahogany Tree Facts And Information

Known as lovely shade tree, mahogany tree is native in Southern Florida. Based on mahogany tree information, this tree has a scientific name of mahogany which is Swietenia Mahagoni. Mahogany also known as sky fruit. The tree isn’t only attractive but also fragrant as well. It comes in rounded and symmetrical crown making it a perfect shade tree. Its size is typically large and it comes with a canopy which casts speckled shade.

3 Main Varieties of Mahogany

When it comes to the varieties, there are main varieties of mahogany. They are Central American, West Indian and also Honduran. The Honduran Mahogany variety is known as Genuine Mahogany because this variety has the highest quality of all varieties. The West Indian Mahogany is often known as Cuban Mahogany can be easily found in Caribbean and also several parts of Florida. Meanwhile, the last variety of Central America is the least popular because it’s considerably shorter and lower commercial value. So, what is mahogany used for? Nowadays, this tree is popular to be made as home furniture as it provides high quality furniture with long lifespan and excellent appearance.

However, during the Second World War, the uses of mahogany were to be build planes. Back at that time, the Honduran mahogany was the most common type of wood to build the military planes due to its high quality.

mahogany tree pictures information

mahogany tree pictures

Facts on Mahogany Tree

Mahogany tree is described to be a very tall tree that can even grow up to 200 feet high above the ground. The leaves are usually 20 inches long but the most common size is 50 feet or so. This tree provides dense wood. Its plant can even hold in despite strong winds. That’s the reason why this tree is popular to be used as street tree as also canopy tree that are planted in the medians.

You can tell the canopy from its symmetrical round canopy shape. Each tree has one big single trunk and it branches off into few large stems. These stems then spread out and also up from its main trunk. It can even reach to 8 feet from the ground. You can also find the trees easily in backyard as it is also popular for being ornamental tree. It can be found in parks as well. Apparently, the tree can also be found in Singapore as well. Known as sky fruit tree in Singapore, this tree and the seeds have been claimed to be beneficial for health.

When it comes to the mahogany tree growth rate, it’s moderate and faster than other trees. Typically, every year the tree grows up to 4 feet like other tropical trees. It is a dominant so it doesn’t grow too well in shade. Therefore, it should be planted in an open area with lots of natural light. So, when the weather is cold, the tree cannot grow well especially with frost as it can severely damage it. Usually, the tree drops the leaves in late spring when the dry weather takes place. But those leaves are quickly replaced. The bigger the tree, the more leaf litter it produces. That’s why mahogany tree is considered semi-deciduous tree as it keeps the leaves year around.

This tree also has beautiful and fragrant flowers that blossom every once in a while. It comes with small yet fragrant flowers with stunning appearance. The blossoms can be in yellow green or white and they usually grow in clusters. The same tree can have both female and male flowers.

How can you tell the flower is male or female? Well, you can differentiate it from the shape. The male flowers have tube-shaped flowers. Both of the flowers usually bloom in early summer of late spring. They become favorites of bees and moths. Once the flowers have started to bloom, the tree also produces woody fruit capsules that have pear shape and in 5 inches long.

Mahogany Seed

As for the mahogany seed, it can be directly sourced from the native country. You can also germinate the seed yourself to grow this beautiful tree in your backyard. To do that, you have to soak it in the water overnight before you plant it. The suggestion is to plant 3 seeds in the same hole to make sure you will get at least a tree that grows. That’s because not all of the seeds will grow.

mahogany fruit and seed image

mahogany fruit and seed image

Besides germinating the seed, consuming the seed for healthy reason is also quite common. According to the research, mahogany seeds are proven useful for health. The seeds are rich in flavonoids and saponins that they can even treat clogged blood circulation. They can also help lower the bad cholesterol levels. At once, they also offer more benefits including to relieve pain, reduce bleeding, boost the immunity, improve the liver function, prevent any blood clots, neutralize the blood sugar level and to reduce fat deposits found in blood vessels.

The mahogany seeds also have generous amount of anti-pyretic and antifungal. That’s making the seeds ideal for diabetes and malaria medication. If you want to restore your appetite, improve your body immunity, treat high fever and reduce hypertension, consume its bitter fruit. However, the seeds also have side effect. Excessive dosage causes gallstone formation. See more information at sky fruit seed benefits and side effects.

Mahogany Tree Wood

When it comes to the wood, this tree has distinctive wood with straight shape and fine appearance. It’s usually free of pockets and voids. The initial color is reddish brown and it darkens over time. When it’s polished, it can be reddish sheen. It’s true that mahogany wood is the number one choice of wood to produce high end furniture quality. It has remarkable stability and very gorgeous natural appearance. It is popular for veneers, cabinetry, carving, boatbuilding and also musical instruments.

Is Mahogany expensive? As for the mahogany price on the listed mahogany tree information, it is usually up to $8 for per board foot for Mahogany exported from Philippines. Meanwhile, the high quality Honduras mahogany price is ranging from $10 to $15 for per board foot. If you order one shipping container, usually you can get wholesale price of $8 FOB.

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