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DIY Mahogany Front Door with Glass Ideas

If you want to have a very durable and attractive front door, you can consider mahogany front door with glass. As we know in mahogany tree information, this tree is not only durable but also attractive. Even

What to Look for in Mahogany Hardwood Flooring

There are many kinds of material that can be used for flooring. One of them is wood. Even though wood is commonly used for furniture, it will also be a good idea to plan wooden flooring. However,

Mahogany Tree Facts And Information

Known as lovely shade tree, mahogany tree is native in Southern Florida. Based on mahogany tree information, this tree has a scientific name of mahogany which is Swietenia Mahagoni. Mahogany also known as sky fruit. The tree

Health Benefits and Side Effects of Sky Fruit Seeds

Mahogany seedsĀ ( sky fruit seed / Xiang Tian Guo) are not just any fruit seeds. In fact, the seeds have abundance of health benefits once consumed. Sky fruit is a fruit of Mahogany tree (Swietenia macrophylla) itself